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Products & Services - High Performance Solutions

·         Live Incoming Leads - More info 

·         Call Monitoring Technology/Management/Training - More info

·         Professional Salesperson Career Training & Coaching - More info

·         Faster Desking Strategies/Technology - More info 

·         Sales Manager Career Training & Coaching – More info 

·         All Popular F&I Products - More info

·         Advanced Online F&I Training & Coaching - More info

·         Special Finance Training Online – More Info

·         Hybrid Sales/F&I Career Training – More Info 

LAGC provides dealers with the products and training they need to make the most of current technology. All LAGC training is provided by the College of Automotive Management and helps build and sustain a culture of integrity, thereby producing higher profits and customer service throughout the dealership.

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Home | About LAGC | Products & Services | Testimonials | Contact Us
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